Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Happenings!

What a fun and busy summer. WE LOVE IT!!

A lot of summer fun at the Evergreen Swim Club.

4th of July singing before the Oakley Rodeo.

At the Rod-eo

Off to "Sin City" -Yay!

Chillin' by the pool

The Happy Couple- 33 years on July 14th

Momentous occasion!!! Our baby is a legal driver!!


More to come??


Amy said...

Glad for an update. 5 months is WAY too long between posts. Especially with all the fun stuff you guys do!

Glad to see I made this post though!

hbentley said...

I am so happy you updated. Even though I am sure we are all well aware of every move you make. Still love the recap.

Maga said...

Loved your blog except the one picture--I'm going to start charging so no one will take it. I'll check your blog every 5 or 6 months.

Nana and Grandpa Kent said...

your cute pictures of your family time got me thinking i might want to post on my blog...oh wait, i don't know how!

The Hatch Clan said...

Love the blog!!